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Party Themes

Wildcats offer a number of different themes for children's and adults entertainment.  As well as the themes below we can offer character appearances, professional singers and look-a-likes as well as a complete party organisation service.  Contact us for details of our bespoke packages,

greatest showman

An amazing Showman party for children of all ages! Comes complete with a showman song words and script pack (for older children) and/or parachutes, batons, hats and even sparkle waistcoats! Get into the Showman spirit and even put on your own show for your friends families.  Call us to discuss our showman package in depth.

Frozen/moana/themed character

During a themed film/character party children will learn some of the famous songs, act out scenes (depending on age) and take part in themed games and small craft activities.

Wildcats Disco

Like a disco but more structured - games, competitions, party dances and much more .  Wildcat discos often use equipment such as bean bags, hula hoops, cones and  parachutes all linked to music.  There can be an 'action song' section added if requested (Gangham Style/Cha Cha/Macarena etc)

Hip Hop/STREET/Jazz Dance Class 

A party that is more about learning dance routines and putting on a performance than playing games.  Songs are chosen by the birthday girl or boy prior to the party and choreography then designed based on the age of the children.

Musical Madness

A party mixed with songs from Hairspray, Mamma Mia, High School Musical, Lion King and much more.  Dances, group singing and plenty of games too.

Mamma mia

Using songs from the film - an acting workshop can also be added where children become characters and act out a scene from the film.

Disney Dreams/Prince and Princess Ball

This party is for those prince and princesses who want a party fit for royalty.  Can include a visit from Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Pocahontas and Prince Charming.  With party games and Disney themed activities.